goodness with gravy

When Linda and I first became friends, we instantly connected on the simple fact that we LOVE to eat. What a way to kick off a friendship, huh?! I was so glad the first time we shared a meal together that both of us refused to order a salad. It's just good to have those friends, you know? Well at least for me it is! :)

One of my favorite places to eat in Austin is Hoover's on Manor. It is home-cookin' goodness on a plate. This place has THE BEST (and those are very strong words) Chicken Fried Steak I have ever put in my mouth. So naturally, being the creature of habit that I am, every single time I go there, I have to get the CFS. Luckily, Linda now loves the Hoover's as well. There is not much in convincing either of us to make a little trip up 35 to fill our bellies.

Last night, Linda got home from a weekend in Laredo... and we were both HUNGRY. So, I just suggested that we have our inaugral, official first-time-as-roomies trip to Hoover's. Like I said before, not much discussion was needed... so we hopped in the car, getting totally HYPED along the way.

Needless to say, the CFS did NOT let me down. It was soooo dang good. Linda even got it this time! Here are some pics of when I was in town last year for ACL and we made a trip to Hoover's... Linda - don't kill me for posting these pics :)

Can you tell that we were hyped?!

Yes... it's that good...

Sorry... I promise I won't blog about food too often! I just couldn't resist it...


Day by Day, Prayer by Prayer

I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful. - John 15:1-2

I absolutely love this verse. It especially speaks to me during this time in my life. But... you know, I ALWAYS want God to be pruning me to be better and more fruitful. Not just when the times are tough in my life. I've always believed that everything happens for a reason, but to add to that, I believe that you have to learn from life so that you can be a better person and depiction of Christ. It's so hard to not be sour and bitter and angry when faced with something you don't want... but there is hope in Christ... hope that He is only making you better and also using you in the process. I can only hope that He just continues to mold and shape me into the godly woman, daughter, friend, wife and mother I hope to be.

And I just had to share... in the words of my Granny, "God promises you a garden, but that doesn't mean there won't be thorns in it." Well said... well said...

Words cannot express how much I appreciate all of your prayers and words of encouragement. I know that God's "got this"... and I'm SO comforted by that! :)

On to more exciting topics...

I got a letter from Wo today! I was really excited to actually get my first bit of contact from her. Very cool that I got it today, because I am just mailing her letter today to her! There were a lot of big words used, which makes me think that her translator was "spicing" up her letter a little bit... haha. It was super cute though... she told me about where she lives in Ethiopia and about the landscape around her. She lives in a house with her parents and 2 sisters... who are both older than her. And apparently they have lots of animals! They don't have electricity... so they use a kerosene lamp for lighting and firewood and animal dung for cooking. Wow... how BLESSED we are to live in the US. She really wants a letter from me... which is good... cause she's got one coming!

The past few weeks, I've been traveling a LOT for work! We had our Annual Convention at Lost Pines Resort in Bastrop a few weeks ago. If you've never been there... you HAVE to go and at least stay one night. It is BEAUTIFUL and so incredibly peaceful. For all of you Austin love-birds, it would be a great weekend get-a-way for you and the hubby! The convention was great... my friend, Milton McGee from Henderson, (the one that gave my resume to my boss for this job) was inducted as our new board chairman... so there were a TON of Hen'erson folks there! It made it a lot of fun to spend time with them when I was able to get a chance. Jennifer (a good friend from growing up) and Trey McGee came in with their little baby girl, Meredith (who was born on my birthday!) from Nashville... so I got to hold her and savor that time for a while! Derek (one of the best buds from HHS) and Kathryn McGee were there too... so good to see them all happy and newlyweds! And then there was my Fleetwood family (long story that only some of you know and actually understand)... David and Fran Alford and Jim and Deborah Kangerga. It was a great time had by all... and I was so glad to have a piece of my past present at my new job! Very cool!

So last week, I attended another conference in Corpus from Sunday to Tuesday, flew to Amarillo for Tuesday to Thursday, drove to Oklahoma City for Thursday and Friday. Yep... that's called from one end of Texas to the other! And... to make it even more tiring to read, had lay overs in Houston and Dallas! Needless to say, my bed and couch looked GREAT this past weekend!

This weekend, I'm off to Hen'erson for a long weekend... thanks Christopher Columbus... to chill with the fam and friends. And... I'm bringing Layla back!! Yes... some of you may not remember that I do actually have a dog! I'm excited to bring her to her new home... and hope that she likes it! Linda and I are hyped!!

Isn't that face precious?? Don't let her fool you... she is a pistol!!