adoption. one.

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God. For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, "Abba, Father."

Romans 8:14-16

God has birthed in me a huge desire to adopt. He is steadily, little by little, growing that desire week by week. Besides this calling to adopt, I can narrow down my desire to adopt to 2 reasons:

1. Because I was adopted into God's family. He chose me. I am His, by His grace.
2. I can't bare to think that there are children with no homes.

Simple as that.

So... what does this look like right now?

Well. For one thing, I'm currently working to get out of debt as quickly as possible. God blessed me with a little gift yesterday that will help make that BIG step happen just a little bit sooner! Little steps... but at least I'm stepping!

I guess the other little baby step I've made is signing up to be a Hospital Sitter through Pathways (an adoption agency here in Austin). Basically, if there is a child in the foster system that has to go into the hospital, doesn't have anyone to come and stay with them while they are there, then they will call me (or the other people who have signed up)! Essentially, it's a babysitting job... in a hospital. But, my role is to act as a liaison, on behalf of the child, between the hospital and CPS. It gives me the opportunity to dip my feet into the adoption world pond.

And, I'm praying a LOT more about all of this. I don't think I'll be doing this within the next year, maybe even 2 years... but it's definitely something I would love to do as soon as I'm able. But, it's all in God's timing. I'm praying specifically about:
  • learning more about what adoption looks like for me,
  • that He begin preparing my single-girl, do-whatever-I-want heart into that of a mother,
  • that I begin to love Jesus with all of my heart and love others more than myself,
  • that this desire to adopt is in line with His plan for me
  • and that my ideal situation of when, where, how to adopt doesn't become my focus
There's the desire to have a home of my own before I adopt. The desire to adopt domestically through fostering first, and then internationally. There's also the desire, if I'm 100% transparent, to not do this by myself. I'm not afraid of being a single mom. I just never really imagined myself being a single mom. But, I'm really praying for God's perfect timing... and if that happens to be while I'm single, then I will trust and obey... even though it will be scary and probably overwhelming!

Pursuing this is not something I'll take lightly... not even now in just the beginning stages. It will be a huge sacrifice... not only to me, but a lot of people around me. But, after a few conversations I've had recently, I feel like people are really on board with me taking things slowly. And that is extremely humbling that God is opening others eyes to see my heart clearly. It shouldn't surprise me... I mean, He is sovereign and all :)

So... I'll keep all of you posted, updated, etc. I would really appreciate any prayer... that God would just make this path towards adoption clear and in line with Him.


NYE in the NYC!

New York City on New Years! I can't really explain the trip... it PHENOMENAL! So... here's a slide show of our pics.

The only thing that was left out was that we went to see Shrek on Broadway... it was FABULOUS!

Happy 2010!!!


The recap on Chrimah time in Hen'erson

Christmas, or Chrimah to most, in Henderson. It's fun... it's busy... but in our own little way.

Here are all the highlights...

The Fleetwood Family Chrimah Party & Gift Exchange
Family friends for years, we all get together one night before Christmas and just hang out. I drove in a little late, but I got there in enough time to play with Miss Meredith McGee (who lives in Nashville). She loves Layla... and Layla is in love with anyone who loves her :)

Christmas Eve Festivities
I started out Christmas Eve by making my annual trip out to see my best friend for the last 20 years, Angie, and her fun piece of pie little girl, Maggie. Last year, for Maggie's 2nd birthday, I gave her a little baby doll. She calls it her "Baby Sarah" and Angie says it's her favorite! (How can you NOT smile about that if you are me?!) At any rate, I brought her a tea set for Baby Sarah... and we just had a ball.

After Church with Jean and Kat, we always go over the Nancy K's. It's so much fun to just spend time with good friends! And then, we go to the Hollands. Sometimes this is the first time I actually see my favorite aunt, uncle and cousins! We don't do gifts... just hang out, watch a movie, have a sandwich... it's all good. Here are my favorite pics from Christmas Eve!

Christmas Day!

We start out Christmas by going to see Katheryn get Santa. It's been our tradition every year since she was 1! She's a sass... as you can see...

We then went to up to the house up the street to have brunch. Art invites all of the neighbors and other people from around town to come in to his awesome house and have brunch! It was really fun to do this... just because you always see someone you haven't seen in forever!

The family came over Christmas afternoon. We really missed Taylor and Kristy (but we'll have Christmas with them in a few weeks!), but we had a great time opening gifts and eating dinner!

December 26th
And last but not least, the annual Chrimah Light Honkin' trip. Every year, me and these 3 girls go rate Christmas lights with honks. We give out one 5 honker a year. We waited too late... usually we go before Christmas around 7:30 or 8. We went the day after Christmas at 9:30. People in Henderson turn off their lights at 10... which is just ridiculous. We didn't really even give out our 5 honker, because hardly ANYONE had lights up! We were highly discouraged... but still had a blast!

We twirled under the mini-Zilker Park tree, honked at this 4-honker and got some GREAT quotes for the quote book!

It was a GREAT Christmas! I am so blessed by my family and friends... both in Henderson and all over the state! But, even more blessed by the Grace that was poured out on me through Jesus! Happy belated Birthday Jesus!


2010 - Year of DIY

Just like my friend Lauren, I'm not in to making New Year's Resolutions. I don't think I've ever met a person that has ever kept all of their resolutions from January 1st. I set goals. I can achieve goals... "I got this" goals. So, the past few years, I've tried to write down weekly, monthly and yearly goals. I also tend to come up with a theme for the year. In the past, my friends have had: 2007 - turning to Heaven, 2008 - the year of the mate (yeah, that didn't happen for any of us!), among others. This year has been deemed 2010 - the year of DIY. Do-it-yourself. Yes, I plan on getting crafty. Yes, I plan on being more creative. But I'm also lumping into the DIY category of just really relying on myself (and Jesus, of course) to hold me accountable and also all of these things are up to ME to acheive.

I'm just gonna go ahead and brainstorm/document/advertise my goals here and NOW.

Weekly goals for 2010
  • Have a daily connection time in prayer and in the Word
  • Thank God for where He has me in that day
  • Read every day
  • Limit the trips to Starbucks to twice/week
  • Work out in some way, shape or form at least 3 times/week
Monthly goals for 2010
  • Stay within my monthly budget for eating out
  • Really clean my apartment every other week
  • Do something nice & out-of-the-ordinary for someone
  • Share the Gospel - this one is gonna be hard for me
  • Write Woliya (my World Vision kiddo) a letter
2010 Overall Goals
  • Finally, 2010 get out of debt!!!
  • Train and compete in a Sprint Triathlon
  • Take a photography class (signed up today!)
  • Learn how to use my sewing machine
  • Focus on God's plan and not my own
Ok... they are out there now... Now I HAVE to do them! :)

Christmas and New Year's reviews will be here this week! I can't wait to share with you!!