adoption. one.

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God. For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, "Abba, Father."

Romans 8:14-16

God has birthed in me a huge desire to adopt. He is steadily, little by little, growing that desire week by week. Besides this calling to adopt, I can narrow down my desire to adopt to 2 reasons:

1. Because I was adopted into God's family. He chose me. I am His, by His grace.
2. I can't bare to think that there are children with no homes.

Simple as that.

So... what does this look like right now?

Well. For one thing, I'm currently working to get out of debt as quickly as possible. God blessed me with a little gift yesterday that will help make that BIG step happen just a little bit sooner! Little steps... but at least I'm stepping!

I guess the other little baby step I've made is signing up to be a Hospital Sitter through Pathways (an adoption agency here in Austin). Basically, if there is a child in the foster system that has to go into the hospital, doesn't have anyone to come and stay with them while they are there, then they will call me (or the other people who have signed up)! Essentially, it's a babysitting job... in a hospital. But, my role is to act as a liaison, on behalf of the child, between the hospital and CPS. It gives me the opportunity to dip my feet into the adoption world pond.

And, I'm praying a LOT more about all of this. I don't think I'll be doing this within the next year, maybe even 2 years... but it's definitely something I would love to do as soon as I'm able. But, it's all in God's timing. I'm praying specifically about:
  • learning more about what adoption looks like for me,
  • that He begin preparing my single-girl, do-whatever-I-want heart into that of a mother,
  • that I begin to love Jesus with all of my heart and love others more than myself,
  • that this desire to adopt is in line with His plan for me
  • and that my ideal situation of when, where, how to adopt doesn't become my focus
There's the desire to have a home of my own before I adopt. The desire to adopt domestically through fostering first, and then internationally. There's also the desire, if I'm 100% transparent, to not do this by myself. I'm not afraid of being a single mom. I just never really imagined myself being a single mom. But, I'm really praying for God's perfect timing... and if that happens to be while I'm single, then I will trust and obey... even though it will be scary and probably overwhelming!

Pursuing this is not something I'll take lightly... not even now in just the beginning stages. It will be a huge sacrifice... not only to me, but a lot of people around me. But, after a few conversations I've had recently, I feel like people are really on board with me taking things slowly. And that is extremely humbling that God is opening others eyes to see my heart clearly. It shouldn't surprise me... I mean, He is sovereign and all :)

So... I'll keep all of you posted, updated, etc. I would really appreciate any prayer... that God would just make this path towards adoption clear and in line with Him.

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  1. Sarah, I am so excited for you. God is doing great things through you. You are in my prayers.