The recap on Chrimah time in Hen'erson

Christmas, or Chrimah to most, in Henderson. It's fun... it's busy... but in our own little way.

Here are all the highlights...

The Fleetwood Family Chrimah Party & Gift Exchange
Family friends for years, we all get together one night before Christmas and just hang out. I drove in a little late, but I got there in enough time to play with Miss Meredith McGee (who lives in Nashville). She loves Layla... and Layla is in love with anyone who loves her :)

Christmas Eve Festivities
I started out Christmas Eve by making my annual trip out to see my best friend for the last 20 years, Angie, and her fun piece of pie little girl, Maggie. Last year, for Maggie's 2nd birthday, I gave her a little baby doll. She calls it her "Baby Sarah" and Angie says it's her favorite! (How can you NOT smile about that if you are me?!) At any rate, I brought her a tea set for Baby Sarah... and we just had a ball.

After Church with Jean and Kat, we always go over the Nancy K's. It's so much fun to just spend time with good friends! And then, we go to the Hollands. Sometimes this is the first time I actually see my favorite aunt, uncle and cousins! We don't do gifts... just hang out, watch a movie, have a sandwich... it's all good. Here are my favorite pics from Christmas Eve!

Christmas Day!

We start out Christmas by going to see Katheryn get Santa. It's been our tradition every year since she was 1! She's a sass... as you can see...

We then went to up to the house up the street to have brunch. Art invites all of the neighbors and other people from around town to come in to his awesome house and have brunch! It was really fun to do this... just because you always see someone you haven't seen in forever!

The family came over Christmas afternoon. We really missed Taylor and Kristy (but we'll have Christmas with them in a few weeks!), but we had a great time opening gifts and eating dinner!

December 26th
And last but not least, the annual Chrimah Light Honkin' trip. Every year, me and these 3 girls go rate Christmas lights with honks. We give out one 5 honker a year. We waited too late... usually we go before Christmas around 7:30 or 8. We went the day after Christmas at 9:30. People in Henderson turn off their lights at 10... which is just ridiculous. We didn't really even give out our 5 honker, because hardly ANYONE had lights up! We were highly discouraged... but still had a blast!

We twirled under the mini-Zilker Park tree, honked at this 4-honker and got some GREAT quotes for the quote book!

It was a GREAT Christmas! I am so blessed by my family and friends... both in Henderson and all over the state! But, even more blessed by the Grace that was poured out on me through Jesus! Happy belated Birthday Jesus!

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