goodness with gravy

When Linda and I first became friends, we instantly connected on the simple fact that we LOVE to eat. What a way to kick off a friendship, huh?! I was so glad the first time we shared a meal together that both of us refused to order a salad. It's just good to have those friends, you know? Well at least for me it is! :)

One of my favorite places to eat in Austin is Hoover's on Manor. It is home-cookin' goodness on a plate. This place has THE BEST (and those are very strong words) Chicken Fried Steak I have ever put in my mouth. So naturally, being the creature of habit that I am, every single time I go there, I have to get the CFS. Luckily, Linda now loves the Hoover's as well. There is not much in convincing either of us to make a little trip up 35 to fill our bellies.

Last night, Linda got home from a weekend in Laredo... and we were both HUNGRY. So, I just suggested that we have our inaugral, official first-time-as-roomies trip to Hoover's. Like I said before, not much discussion was needed... so we hopped in the car, getting totally HYPED along the way.

Needless to say, the CFS did NOT let me down. It was soooo dang good. Linda even got it this time! Here are some pics of when I was in town last year for ACL and we made a trip to Hoover's... Linda - don't kill me for posting these pics :)

Can you tell that we were hyped?!

Yes... it's that good...

Sorry... I promise I won't blog about food too often! I just couldn't resist it...


  1. Roomie, I'm surprised we're not obese based on these eating habits of ours :)
    Also, I like that I read your HUNGRY in true Decker pronunciation: HONG-GREE

    And I'm so glad you finally let us non-bloggers post comments. Woohoo!

  2. the whole time i was reading this i was thinking, is it really hot enough in austin right now to be laying out? it's quite chilly in kc. i understand now though.