The Deckers invade Mother Frances... get ready!

So 1 am on a Tuesday morning... not the typical time slot to see Sarah Decker blogging about anything. But, the truth of the matter is that the Decker clan is setting up shop in the hospital to be with my Granny in her final hours. It's been a long, hard week on all of us, but we are all at peace in knowing that she will soon be among the angels singing! I, for one, am personally very excited for her... to the point where I just want to give her a little pep talk in her ear! (That's not weird is it??) She is sleeping right now and that feisty red-head we all call Granny is just refusing to give up... I can tell you that I admire her strength! I would have been plum worn out by now...

Ok, so to the point of the blog. During our past 6 days here at Mother Frances, us Deckers have certainly provided some laughs. I can thank my PawPaw for passing down the "when things get rough, you just say stupid things to make people laugh" gene. So, here are the top 10 things that have come out of our mouths over the past few days...

** Disclaimer... we are all going without sleep, therefore we are dillusional. Please don't take offense at anything I'm about to type. We dearly LOVE this woman, we're just trying to make a hard time a little easier...**

10 - Dad to the family in the room with Granny: "Dang Kristal, was that you?!" When the oxygen mask on Granny fluttered to make a farting sound.
9 - Kristal, when telling me about the #10 situation, said "flagellated" instead of "fluttered".
8 - I was trying to look-up how to spell "flagellated" decided to look up "fart" in the thesaurus... "Fart isn't in the Thesaurus."
7 - The night Security Guard at the front desk, checking me in... "Dang! How many of ya'll are there? Is it sad that I already know all of your grandmother's information by heart?" Me: "Why no, we are that annoying..."
6 - My cousin, Kristal: "Man, I shouldn't have just eaten that Honey Bun. I have acid reflux and that pregnant nurse with the TUMS isn't here tonight..."
5 - Not necessarily a quote, but just the story repeated to EVERY single new nurse that came into the room... that my dad was told, by his 2 older brothers, from a very young age that he was adopted and that they gave him power of attorney to make him feel like he was really apart of the family.
4b - Dad talking about my diabetic PawPaw "I just bought him a dozen donuts... He's gonna 'ride with top down', but I told him that if he pulls a fast one I'm gonna kick his butt."
4a - PawPaw has manipulated everyone in the family for a donut for the past 5 days. We finally all figured him out and put our foot down. So when Sister Irene asked him if he needed anything today, he said "well, I'd like a donut..." and she brought him TWO... and he didn't even say "God bless you"...
3 - When sharing old stories, my dad decided to bring up the Pin-Up picture that my Granny took for my PawPaw when he was in WWII... offering to make copies for anyone who wanted one...
2 - My PawPaw, a Navy Veteran who has something against the Army, looks at my cousin, Gary, who is IN the Army, and begins to read Gary's shirt. And I quote, "What does that say?? Army... Dipstick???" I laughed out loud, Gary did not.
1 - When Sister Irene came into the room on Thursday to offer prayer and comfort, my PawPaw proceeds to say, "I have a cousin that's a nun in California... you wouldn't happen to have a list, would you?" Really PawPaw, a list of nuns?? Oh my...

Well... none of those things may be funny to any of you. But, the laughs have certainly been helping us through this tough time. My Granny is such a wonderful wife, mother, sister, grandmother, great-grandmother and friend... and she will truly be missed by all that know her. I love her dearly and pray that she feels the love in this place... because it's here... in the BIG Decker kinda way.

grace & peace,

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