Aggieland. How I love thee...

I confess. I'm ridiculous. I haven't blogged in a VERY long time. But frankly, I have absolutely NO idea where the month of October went. We have a dry-erase calendar in our apartment, and it still reads September.

Do you remember the days when you were a kid and you couldn't WAIT for that slumber party with your best friends? All day at school, you all would just be so excited that you were just anticipating the bell to ring for the end of class, just so you were one class closer to getting the party started? Well... I had a "grown-up" one of those days last Friday! It was the 5th Annual Brew-B-Que at Aggieland! And almost all of my favorite Aggies were going to be in attendance. I could not wait to get on the road.

My summary of the entire weekend is below:

"I threw it on the grroooouuuund!!"
Fitzwilly's hamburger. Delicious.
Josh Hoover... live and in concert
Impromptu Karaoke Training
Late night Taco C
BShaw and the Great Vat of Cheese
Best laugh of 2009
4am Bedtime
Surprise! Mo (Melissa) Cox is in the house!!
Campus... ahhh warm fuzzy heart
New massive Aggie Ring photo ops

Brew-B-Que Tailgate!!
J-Hey and the man beard



Corner Bar - Rooftop Bar for the game.
Wings-N-More... yummm delish
Aggies Win!!
Bshaw doing the limbo

Cafe Excel for a "grown up" dinner
"Do you know the difference between spots and balls?"
Northgate fun.
Almost killing Linda... not on purpose though.
"Do you like Mariah Carey??"
wake up call from our favorite Brew-B-Que guy friends.
Brunch at the Bodega

Mom & Dad stop by with... Layla!!!
reunited with my dog = awesome.
Save the Date pics for Ber & Billy Bob
rehash all the fun stories on the way home.

One another Aggie note, if you haven't read the incredible article in Texas Monthly about the Aggie Bonfire, you are missing out. It makes me proud to be an Aggie, it brought me to tears, but it was a good reminder of how much I've grown-learned-changed because of that November day 10 years ago. Click HERE for the article.

I can not express the pure joy I had from a weekend with great friends. God keeps reminding me of his incredible blessings through my friendships.... both old and new. And I am truly blessed to have gone to such an amazing school, with incredible people. Aggieland is just good for my soul sometimes. I love that place... it's like my home away from home home.

"There's a spirit can ne'er be told, it's the Spirit of Aggieland!"

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  1. Cute pictures!! Looks like y'all had so much fun! That ring is HUGE! And fairly amazing...