peace out, glutten.

In the midst of buying a home, a crazy work schedule, friends coming into town, ACL Festival (whoop!), et al... I decided I was gonna go gluten free in October. I don't really have a valid reason... more of just wanting to see if changing my eating habits will help me have more energy.

Day 3 Status? I'm holding up. :) No bread, pasta, chick-fil-a, saltines with my chili... woah.is.me. However, I will say that the past 2 mornings, I've actually woken up when my alarm went off. Coincidence? Maybe. Who knows...

There you have it. So long to those things I really love. At least until I go home at the end of the month and maybe... just maybe... have some Leon's Nutbread waiting for me. (hint hint to the parentals!)

Oh yes, as an update about the Laser Hair Removal. I did 3 treatments... and I think I'm back to shaving everyday. Arg. I think they want you to do 5 or 6, but I just didn't have it in me to drop another chunk of change. Alas, no hair was great while it lasted...


  1. Good luck with going gluten-free. You can do it! It is easy when you get the hang out it!! :) -- Jess @ ATX Gluten-Free

  2. I've been gluten free since June (gluten & lactose intolerant) and it feels great! I have to strictly stick to the diet or reap the consequences, but I've also lost 13 pounds & haven't worked out at all...lol. Good luck in your grocery shopping!