indeed. that is a true statement.

"Decker, you have a lot of best friends."

True Statement. Is that a bad thing? Blame it on the only child thing if you want... I don't care. I'm blessed with wonderful and amazing friends. I don't see that as a bad thing... My friendships with these girls range from a handful of months to 22 years. I love my girls. And, by the grace of God, they love me.

I learned about the value of friendship from my parents. They are great friends. They are the people that love unconditionally. They struggle with their friends. They pray for their friends. They just enjoy their friends. Being an only child, I can never look back at a time when I was really "lonely". My parents always had me around some incredible people. Many of which have become my sounding boards in adulthood.

So, to me, friendships... deep friendships are just par for the course. They are natural. They are part of me. Because of that, my friends kind of have to walk through life with me. I turn to them. A lot. I seek them out for prayer. To pray for my other friends and my family. To call me out. To keep me in line. To tell me "what's up" even though I may not want to hear it. I don't live this life for anything less than seeking God's glory in all things. I'm not seeking their approval. But, I can honestly say that it brings me to tears, tears of joy, when they say I'm doing something well. Especially, when that something is really hard and a struggle. I sometimes think it's a way of God whispering to me that I'm doing well.

At any rate, I think I just need to officially write a huge THANK YOU to my friends who have been loving me well, praying over me, listening to me, walking through life with me and checking up on me. You know who you are... God has truly blessed me with each of you. Every.single.one.of.you brings something to the table... and God uses you in huge ways in my life. I can't tell you how abundantly blessed I am.

And to add a little light-hearted laughter... taking you back to the old school... enjoy :)


  1. oh my gosh. you totally posted that video...that's amazing. Love you friend! so thankful for you!

  2. Hey! I am so excited to get to know if you have a lot of subscribers to your blog?