happy girl.

I haven't blogged in a while. The reason? Because I'm really tired of writing about hard stuff. I want to talk about happy moments. And now that a month has passed since my last blog, I've racked up on happiness. :)

Top 10 Happy moments of the last month... in no particular order, of course...

1. My momma meeting me in Vegas (I was there for work) and taking her to see "Beatles Love" for Mother's Day. And then being really happy that she didn't stand up in her chair at all during the performance.

2. Spending a whole day at the Alford's Cabin the day before Easter. Being outside, on the lake and with some of my favorite people is just good for my soul.

3. Mumford and Sons concert. If you are unaware of the goodness that is Mumford, click HERE, and thank me later.

4. A WHOLE day with my old roomie, Linda. Man... hanging out, laughing, shopping and eating with her is so.much.dang.fun. And not to mention the MOUND of quotes that were documented...

5. Waking up at 3am to watch the Royal Wedding and being able to say I did it. Even though people rolled there eyes or laughed at me. But whatever, people, I love me some history... and history-in-the-making.

6. Rubes road-tripping to Henderson with me for Easter. A road trip with Melissa Rubey is just plain goodness.

7. Celebrating the Resurrection of my Savior and King CONQUERING Death FOR GOOD with my family... all the while celebrating my sweet cousin, Blair's, 23rd Birthday! Yep... same day! And, I'm thinking the confetti eggs were more of a hit for Blair's bday rather than Easter...

8. Finally getting to meet "LuLu", aka Casey's mom, and hanging with the ladies poolside for the day.

9. Speaking of pools... spending a BEAUTIFUL, Austin Saturday with 3 of my great friends: Becca, Emily and Ginger at Deep Eddy Pool.
10. My sweet Layla girl turned 5 on Cinco de Mayo. Mom and I were in Vegas, so she was hanging with her Pops in Henderson, aka "the country". Therefore, it was OBVIOUS that he would throw her a birthday party... and this is the pic that was texted to me.

And one to grow on...

The first annual South Congress pre-Aggie Muster with J-Hey and Lindies... straight up perfection.

Y'all. I turn THIRTY next week. What.is.that.about?

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  1. I love that you got to meet Lulu! More pool days this summer? I think so!