revisiting twentytwelve.

i kind of don't even know where to begin. so, i'll start here: i'm the happiest i've ever been. so there's that. :)

2012 has definitely been the greatest year of change in my 31 years. i lost my job, took a chance in a new job, took a leap of faith and quit that job, lived without a job for months, sold my house and moved back to my hometown.

crazy, yes. but incredible. and awesome. i wouldn't change a moment of it.

i am, without one doubt, precisely where i am supposed to be in this stage of my life.

heritage intentional mercantile

it's up and running and phenomenal. i am overwhelmed and humbled by God's sweet provision in this adventure. i can't even begin to tell you all every little thing that's happened. at the least, i can sum it up to one word: goodness.

five women have helped me start this crazy shop. these five women are women who love me, support me and want to see me do great things. they are women i live life with... and have literally watched me grow into the gal i am today. i couldn't be more blessed. so shout out to my momma, my aunt Tresa, Jean, Fran and Robin. it's so much fun doing this whole thing with them.

and i can't not thank my daddy. he's been my rock when i've needed him most. i'm thankful that i'm close to and with he and my momma. i couldn't imagine doing this shop anywhere else but henderson.

the goods: we've got it all. pillows, iphone cases, kitchen stuff, barware, the most incredible blankets on the face of the planet, luggage and bags, scarfs, prints, bath products, candles candles candles and of course, the jewelry. and that's only right now! we've got so so so much more coming! and now, for my plug... follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/heritagehenderson.com



yep. you read that right. i moved from austin and i started running. what can i say, i do things a little backwards anyway!  no, i'm not ready for a marathon... or a half marathon at that. but, i like it. and that's the important part. i took a few months off... because i was opening a business and all that jazz, but i started back this week. and it feels good.

this is Abbey. she's my friend... and one of my running partners. and this is right before i was about to run my first 2 miles!! we were pumped... and goofy!


the weekend i moved home, we started working on the garage apartment at my parent's house. it was built in the 20s, and has been remodeled a few times since my parent's bought the house in 1976. at any rate, we, as in dad, did TONS of work to the place and mom, and a little bit of me, designed the new set up. it looks phenomenal, and i couldn't be happier with my little set-up. dad now wants to call it the studio... cause it's that cool. :)

in other big news...

i may have met the best man a girl can ask for. yep. i'm dating a guy. and he's a dollface, even though he'd rather me call him a badass or something along those lines. about a month after i moved back, a mutual friend "re-introduced" us and we were all in after that. he's the salt of the earth, loves Jesus, makes me laugh and i absolutely adore living life with this man. also, it should be noted that my family and my friends truly love this guy. that's so huge for me... and i couldn't be more thankful. and, i should mention that as a girl who absolutely HATES to dress up in costumes, he's convinced me to do it not once, but twice, in the four months we've been dating. either i'm getting soft or i'm putty in his hand. let's go with soft.

all in all, i wouldn't replace 2012 with anything. there's something completely awesome about seeing the Lord's sweet plan starting to reveal itself. i truly can't wait to see what 2013 has in store... having gone through lots of valleys and mountain tops in 2012, i welcome the ebb and flow of life for this next year! He is good... ALL THE TIME!

wishing you all the best and praying for a blessed new year for you and yours!