getting all politics on your butts.

So... I need to get something off of my chest. Yes, I know it's been AGES since I blogged, and I'm sure absolutely no one even has time to read blogs anymore, but instead of being somewhat of a hypocrite, I decided to blog.


Let me go ahead and make this brief statement before I begin. I'm neither Democrat or Republican. I vote for the person I feel, in my opinion, would be best for the job. There. So read on if you'd like.

I'm about to "unfollow" a lot of people on Facebook. I'm also about to "mute" a lot of pages that people "like". Simply because I'm starting to really hate Facebook. In fact, I often wish I didn't have a Facebook page. But, I need one for my businesses, and those I totally don't mind... but it's some of these friends of mine, y'all. (But Instagram is where it's at y'all... for real.)

First and foremost, let's take a brief moment to discuss the United States Government. It's made up of 3 branches. Not just the President. It's this beautiful thing called checks and balances. Presidents present, past and future do NOT SINGLE HANDEDLY RULE OUR COUNTRY. We have a Democracy... not a Dictatorship. Even though, depending on who is in office, it seems as if 1/2 of Americans believe that 3 Branches of Government doesn't exist. But.it.does.

SEE. It's not just the Pres up there running this whole thing.

Secondly, if you are THAT upset about our ELECTED officials, be it President or members of the Legislative Branch, there are things that YOU can do. 1) Vote. But don't just vote for who everyone else around you votes, vote for who YOU BELIEVE would be the best person in the office. Guess what, sometimes that will be the person you least expected to vote for. 2) Get involved in campaigns. Those people need people to help them spread their message. And you know what... once they are elected, whether we like it or not, our voices are not as loud in their ears. So. If you missed the boat on voting, OR if you are completely outraged, go find out about different companies or associations that have lobbying departments. They are the voices in the ears of elected officials once we vote them into office.

Third. Putting your random thoughts on Facebook, regardless if those thoughts are "conservative" or "liberal", is only fueling unnecessary fire. You're only trying to create drama. And frankly, nobody's got time for more freaking drama. There are people in this nation that are STARVING AND HOMELESS. Mental illness is a real.thing. in this country. And you know what else is real, sex trafficking. Yep, pimps rent out women and children EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. in this country... probably right down the street from you. Now, that's sad. That's heartbreaking. And THAT is the stuff that gets lost in all of the Facebook political ranting.

Fourth. Pray. We are called to pray for our leaders. And y'all, they need it. I don't care who you are, but it takes some serious tough skin to be the President of the United States. No President is totally loved. Yeah, they may be loved by you and yours, but again about 1/2 of the nation at all times is not in love with the President. And it's been that way since the dawn of our sweet, and incredible nation. So, pray. Pray for our leaders. Pray for them to make wise decisions. Pray for our congress so they will listen to their hearts over listening to what a company wants them to do so they can get more campaign funds for re-election. Pray for our judges: federal, state and local who have to make serious decisions every day that impact so many lives of Americans. Pray for God to reveal Himself and His Plan to those leaders. Pray for their lives, that they be protected and that their families are protected.

Lastly, show some grace. Jesus shows us grace every.single.moment. in our lives. In fact, He's showing me grace right now because I'm totally ranting and being sarcastic... a lot. But, show our elected officials some grace. It's a job that I know for sho I don't want. I never want to have to make these decisions and know all of the information they know. Yep, they know more than we do about a lot of highly sensitive situations. If you've never watched the movie Argo. We didn't even know that stuff went down the way it did until THIRTY YEARS LATER. So... show some grace. And I'm also going to show some grace by muting people on Facebook instead of going on a rage and/or deleting FB or FB friends altogether.

So. That's it. Probably no one will read this, but at least I can sleep a little better tonight knowing I got this off of my chest.  

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