I know about 10 people who deserve today off...

I'm officially an Austinite again! I don't have pictures just yet of the completed new place, but I will have some this week. The move this weekend was a FAST one! Jake and I stopped and Lance and Lauren's on our way out of town Friday night to get some furniture packing supplies... that came in SUPER handy! A quick dinner in Waco with Jake's cousin, Bess... and we were on our way!

We got up to Dallas around 10:30 and I immediately got overwhelmed with everything on our plates. After assessing the territory, I got straight to work while Jake taped up boxes and help me pack. Had a super late night and early rise... we got to working and my parents came up from Henderson to help us out. Mom packed up the kitchen, while Jake and Dad loaded up the moving truck. I was packing more boxes and just trying to clean up while doing that! Jake's mom came over from Waxahachie to lend a hand and then we all went out to a good lunch. It was fun to finally have my parents and Jake's mom meet!

Literally had everything packed and ready to go by 1:00 in Dallas... and Jake got on the road a little after 2:00 to head back to Austin. I got on the road at 4 and waved to Dallas in the rear view mirror... even though I couldn't see a thing because my car was packed!

I rolled into the apartment complex at 7:00 and to my surprise, Jake and our friends Dave, Erica and Chris were almost done unloading! What great friends!!! Do you ever have that twinge of guilt when people are sweating beads because of you?? Definitely felt bad, but was so thankful for all of their help... especially helping Jake load things up 3 flights of stairs! By 8:00 we were all in the apartment pool!!! Yes, LESS than 24 hours after getting to Dallas to pack up, I was all moved in in Austin! Dave and his wife, Jennifer, helped me and Jake arrange furniture and figure out where things should go. Jennifer is an interior decorator... so Linda and I were so thankful that she was willing to help us figure out furniture placement in the living room!!

Yesterday was spent just unpacking and trying to get back into a normal way of life! Pretty much all we have left is just hanging pictures and organizing the study.

Linda's room is super cute... and mine is slowly but surely coming together. We are already having a blast and we've decided that we are going to have a game night at our place... because we have seating for 13 people!

Thanks to EVERYONE for their help, whether physical, loaning us stuff or humor support! This was a super easy move... and one that I was so excited to make! Austin is my town... and I thank my God for bringing me back!

Hope all of you can come see the new place soon!


  1. Austin maybe is your town, but don't forget about the people in Dallas that love you! I miss you already!! :(

  2. Now... don't be crazy my little Beashy... no way I could forget my Dallas love! Miss you too!

  3. Yipppeee!! Can't wait to see the new digs -- congrats on the big move and living with a super cool chich! :)