we'll let the mirror be the judge...

Some of the best times of my days are when people say funny things and they are made into permanent quotes. It seems like I'm always surrounded with a place to document quotes from folks. The "BertHouse Quote Book" from my and Bshaw's place in Dallas to the MPI Knowledge Team quote book to the IBAT quote door.

In order to make it into any quote hall of fame, you had to make someone laugh until they cried... most are inside jokes... but the best part is bringing a smile to someone's face!

Here are a few favs... most all coming from the BERThouse quote book...

"we'll let the mirror be the judge"
- Amber "Ber" Leatherwood when she and I were about to have a dance-off

"well heeelllllllllllllooooooo sunshine"
- when looking in the mirror at my fancy eye makeup

"Houston ain't no Kuwait"
- my first boss at MPI that was commenting on the fact that Houston was kinda "green"

Bshaw - "I'm gonna tithe for furniture"
me - "Girl, tithing is for God... that's called saving."

"PSY789 - TXDot's evil plot to make my license plate sound like a former chatroom name"

"Come over here Ashley, I need to put my arms around you"
- my friend, Cody, addressing Bshaw, whose name is, in fact, not Ashley

"do we need to caulk something?"
- Bshaw, when holding a caulk gun that we had randomly found

"butterfly guts on a windshield... now that can't be a good sign"
- following a conversation about how butterflies reminded Bshaw of someone that was once special to her...

"you guys can open lots of accounts in my name with all of the NSF (non-sufficient fund) fees you've gotten from me!"
- to the new accounts lady at the bank when asked to give her money to open up a checking account for our class reunion...

"it's like going to hell every two years"
- my friend at work that doesn't like working with another company every-other-year

Bshaw - "What happened to your arm?!"
Linda - "oh... faulty bend and snap."

"she does have flute lips"
- Tyler O'Brien commenting to someone on the fact that I played the flute

"negative ghostwriter"
- my response when asked if I thought a certain guy had potential... Julz laughed a lot

"his pride is as big as alabama... wait alabama's not that big..."

"anybody that wants to rub on me for cheap... I'm all about that"
- implying I'm always up for a massage that is less expensive than normal

"i love you so much, i wouldn't just super glue your arm back on if it fell off, i'd sew it."
- Bshaw... expressing her love.

If you have any others you'd like to share... please do so! I'm always in need of a good laugh!

**A special thanks to Kristen "BShaw" Bradshaw for her contributions to this blog posting.


  1. I only wish I had the quote book by me to get the REALLY good ones :) Thanks for making me laugh! I LOVES YOU DIZZLE!

  2. oh the faulty bend and snap...one of my faves.

  3. Well helloooo cute blog! I love the new layout!

    And I'm gonna have to say that the rubbing on you for cheap comment might be one of my all time faves! :)