my "cool points" go UP in May...

I apologize to all 3 of you that read this blog for not updating sooner! It's been crazy and busy the last few weeks! Both work and life have been super exciting and has definitely kept me on my toes!! Therefore, mind the long blog... but I figured it'd be fun to put more pics up... just so you can SEE what I've been up to!

Wednesday, May 20th - Hoover's Pre-Bday dinner
This group of ladies literally span the last 10 years of my life!
I'm so blessed to have them ALL as friends AND in Austin!

Thursday, May 21st - On the Road to Angel Fire, NM with Linda!!

(my 28th birthday)

Being from the Land o' Tall Trees and currently living in the Texas Hill Country,
I was amazed at this sight!

We made the NM border exciting! Tri-pod, pinata, action photo... check check and check!

Our first view of the Mountains!!

Birthday dinner at the best little restaurant - The Roasted Clove

Friday, May 22nd - Hiking in Cimmaron

Saturday, May 23rd - Horseback Riding!

me and my horse "Cash"

Sunday, May 24th - Whitewater Rafting on the Rio Grande I have a water camera with some pics on it, but the best action shots are HERE

We made the 12 hour drive back to the ATX on Memorial Day! It was such an amazing trip... lots of time to enjoy God's beauty and get some good reading, journaling and praying in! I officially want to thank my incredible roommate and best friend, Linda for making this trip SO special! She truly out-did herself and made it so much fun!

This PAST weekend, I had a few friends come from out-of-town and quite a few of my friends from the ATX help me officially celebrate my 28th!

Linda, Herlocker and I started off our Saturday with Kayaking on Town Lake! It was so much fun... Linda and I are even looking into getting memberships for the summer! Then, I made them go shopping in our work-out clothes.
Herducks - you weren't in Dallas anymore! :)

It was a ton of fun... we started off the night at the South Congress Trailer Eateries. The food is amazing and everyone was able to find something from the trailers that tickled their fancy! Mighty Cones was the big hit! It's a spin-off of Austin re-nowned Hudson's on the Bend!
- Loving us some Mighty Cone - - the Cone goodness - - me, Molls, Lindies & Bex -

My new BFF, Molly, made the most delicious strawberry cake and cupcakes that we all couldn't get enough of! She is truly a gem and I'm so grateful for her friendship!

We then went over to Guerro's for a little outdoor band fun... and obviously, photo-ops!

Then, we made our way down to the Speakeasy for a little Rotel and the Hot Tomatoes action! It was a blast... fun atmosphere, dance-offs, songs that you just can't help but sing at the top of your lungs... truly a night for the ages!

So, to come to a close... I am BLESSED beyond measure with an incredible family, fabulous friends and a God who loves me unconditionally!


  1. I'm glad you had a Happy and Fun Birthday Decker!

  2. such fun birthday celebrations! happy late bday friend.