"music makes my heart beat and hope runs through my veins." - SKD

I'm a lover of music. I listen to music practically all day. Pandora is one of the coolest website inventions ever. I grew up listening to all kinds of music. I remember Sunday afternoons we would point the antenna to the West and pick up 103.7 KVIL out of Dallas for the "classic rock". Apparently, that's when they would just load up with the oldies-but-goodies. At any rate, music has been a huge piece of the Sarah Decker pie. I relate to it, I remember events by the music that was playing, I remember emotions felt through it. So, I decided to make my list of the top 15 concerts/shows that mean the most to me! They are in no particular order... cause they just can't be ranked!

Nanci Griffith - circa 1991-ish
Majestic Theater - Dallas, TX. I often refer to Nanci's voice as the "woman's voice of my childhood". She's not well known in the US, but she is respected among musicians around the world. She has this gentle, folkish voice that just sounds angelic. This was my first concert I ever went to and it was at the Majestic Theater! I know... way to set the bar Paula and Terry!

James Taylor - 1992
Starplex - Dallas, TX. A Sunday afternoon. Pauls and Terr get a wild hair and decide to pack up the blanket, drive to Dallas on the hope that we could get tickets! I was so hyped! We got tickets, ended up running into one of my Dad's best friends, I smelt the smell of marijuana for the first time (no, I was not with anyone smoking it...) and I saw Don Henley sitting at the edge of the stage just totally awe-struck by James Taylor. I remember him singing my favorite "Sweet Baby James" and I just knew I would always remember it!

Coldplay - 2005
Austin City Limits Music Festival - Austin, TX. I had admired Coldplay, had one of their CDs, and thought "Why not check them out while I'm there?" I'm so glad I did! I was blown away and walked away an avid fan! When they sang "Yellow", I think I teared up... it was such an amazing sight and sound.

John Mayer - 2004
Starplex (or whatever it was called at the time) - Dallas, TX. I was with two of my best friends, Beth and Melissa... and I had an absolute blast. There's really nothing like hearing Mayer live. Sometimes his records don't do him justice. This dude is an amazing guitarist and will just blow your mind in concert.

Marc Broussard - 2004
SXSW - Antone's - Austin, TX. Went to see Gavin DeGraw and Matt Nathanson, and ended up discovering this diamond in the rough! I've been to 7 or 8 of his shows and only once was I disappointed! He is the essence of an entertainer who totally gives his all with each performance. I went to this show with a tough critic, and he was completely impressed.

The Fray - 2006
The Parish - Austin, TX. Amber and I literally sold out this show! There were 2 tickets left for sale when I called to get 3... so we took them and went. The Fray had just started getting some radio play in Austin, but not a ton... and only on one station. At any rate, we.fell.in.love. These guys are the real deal... they sound exactly like they do on their records... so you know they are legit!

Don Henley - 2002
Oil Palace - Tyler, TX. I grew up loving the Eagles. And seeing as how Don was an East Texas boy, he did a benefit show in Tyler. I have vivid memories of some overweight dude in front of me jirating to "Dirty Laundry" that I'd rather be erased from memory. However, in his encore... he played "Hotel California". I cried like I was one of those girls at a Beatles or Michael Jackson concert. Yes, it's one of my favorite all-time songs... but it was a song that me and my best friend from middle school, Jamie, listened to on a weekly basis. When Jamie passed away in '99, it took a whole other meaning. Truly a special memory for me!

Rolling Stones - 2006
Zilker Park - Austin, TX. How could I pass up a chance to see the Stones in practically my backyard?! My concert buddy of '06, Mr. Jonny Hey, and I got a pretty good spot about 100 yards from the stage (seeing as how Zilker is 350 acres, that's good!) and we were hyped. They started out the show with a whole bunch of songs I'd never heard. However, about an hour in, they just started pumping out the hits! And when they did this, they got on a movable portion of the stage that literally brought the whole band about 10 yards from us! It was AWESOME!

BB King, Jimmie Vaughn, John Mayer, Eric Clapton & Buddy Guy - 2004

Crossroads Music Festival - Cotton Bowl - Dallas, TX
Think of every amazing guitarist that was living at this time... now imagine them in one place. Yes. It was that awesome. Me and the Fleetwoods all made the trek... sat in the scorching Summer heat... but it was worth it! The 5 guys mentioned above all got on stage at once and just started jamming. It was totally improptu and not expected... but amazing to behold at the same time!

Counting Crows - 2006
San Antonio, TX. I've been to a few of their shows... but this one was by far the BEST. They played a whole bunch of their songs from their first few albums, not the main stream stuff from the radio. And I'm pretty sure they played my top 5 Counting Crows songs... which makes the concert-going experience even better.

Ray LaMontange - 2006

ACL Festival - Austin, TX. He was a little awkward in the Texas heat, but I fell in love with his music. If you ever get a chance to see him live, be sure to invite me to go with you.

Al Green - 2004
Stubbs - Austin, TX. The only thing that could've made this show better was if my best friend from HS, Brooke, would've been with me. Al is amazing live. He may be in his 70s, but the man can belt it out just like he did on his albums FROM the 70s! I also have to add that he threw me a rose... for the 2nd time. I think there's a connection :)

Bon Jovi - 2008

American Airlines Center - Dallas, TX. My farewell from Dallas couldn't have been better! Me, Bshaw and Herducks jammed it out! The whole show was action-packed, they are great performers, and let's just say that they are still in the hay-day! Obviously, "Livin' on a Prayer" was our favorite, but his acoustic "Bed of Roses" was just beautiful!

Pat McGee Band - 2002

Fort Worth, TX. Melissa and I made the roadtrip to Fort Worth that day to catch a free Pat McGee Band show! This band is one of our favorites... great driving Texas roads music. We were front and center and the band was totally impressed that we knew every word to every song. Neither of us had anything for them to sign, so I had them sign 2 deposit slips. We were in college... what else do you expect?!

Dave Matthews - 2000
The Woodlands, TX. I have to admit that I'm not the biggest fan of Dave. I think he has great music, but it's not like I can sit and listen to him for hours. The reason why this show made my list, was because of the atmosphere. The Woodlands is a pavilion... so everyone brings blankets, etc. It had been raining ALL day long but the show was still going to happen. So, my friends and I loaded up and drove to Houston. The rain subsided and we watched the clouds roll off... while giving the most incredible lightening show you could imagine. It was truly something I will never forget. Then he played "Crash" and I was just taking it all in. Incredible.

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  1. I was at that same DMB show in 2000! You're right, it was incredible! Great list. At the top of my list would be Elton John and Billy Joel "Face to Face" in San Antonio and Chicago and the Doobie Brothers at Starplex in Dallas somewhere around 1996. THAT concert was the first time I ever smelled marijuana. There are some things you just won't ever forget! XOXO