I'm writing this blog with a sad, sad heart. Yesterday afternoon, mom and dad had to put our Maggie girl down. She was 14... literally our dog for 1/2 of my life. She was a great pup... and really didn't lose that "puppiness" until her last days. She had a long, great life... and was the best dog we could've asked for. Maggie was so many things, but at the very least:

a cuddlier
the greeter
the pool lifeguard
gentle & kind
a lap dog
a smiler
a mistaken identity of a cat

Mags was just a great dog. She will be missed.

Maggie Texas-Annabelle Black-Dog Decker


  1. such a sad day for the decker family! i love her little gray ears though...so cute!

  2. So precious! Maggie had a wonderful soul and her sweet spirit and memories live on in our hearts!!! I miss her!!!