it's official. i'm random.

Some of the random things I've thought about today...
documented for your entertainment or rolling of the eyes...

I'm a calendar freak. I can't have enough calendars. I think I have 4. Naturally, some have events noted that others don't... therefore I'm "caught by surprise" often. 4 calendars don't help... they hinder.

Almost every morning of my sophomore year of high school, I would play "You Gotta Be" by Desree whilst getting ready. Now that was a little ridiculous.

Little known fact... I am a licensed Property and Casualty Insurance agent. I have never used it, and probably never will. But, when the boss tells you to do something, sometimes you have to take one for the team and pass a test you know nothing about. If you have questions about your homeowners policy, you can ask. But, I may not be able to help you.

Linda and I watch a show, that shall remain nameless, that we have dubbed "the shame spiral" show. It's like watching a car crash... we can't stop watching. It should be noted that we no longer watch it because we like the story line... we now watch to purely make fun of every character, every eye glance and every crazy line uttered. It will be missed, as it's in its final season.

I can't say no to TOMS shoes. I go to order some for my cousin, and I end up with a pair myself. This has happened twice... and I'd much rather be barefoot or in flip flops... but at least it's for a good cause

JUST realized that my passport may or may not expire before I go to my cousin's wedding at the end of May. Let the panic commence until I get home to check. This will probably freak my mom and aunt out more than me... :)

I'm currently reading about
5 books. This goes against everything in me... but I'm allowing myself to do it. I'm confused at times. Simplify, Decker, simplify.

Sometimes I catch myself thinking that I have unlimited access to
free iTunes. However the fact of the matter is I have no access to anything free in regards to iTunes. I get these charges on my debit card and I'm taken back. I think iTunes should make a VIP club to get free iTunes... I probably wouldn't meet the requirements, but by goodness gracious, it would give me something to strive for...

I've lived in Austin for 5.5 of the last 6.5 years and I'm about to move into my
6th place here. I need to stop moving. It's a wonder how people keep up with me, much less that I actually go "home" to the right place. And I really want an address stamp for longer than a year. Maybe the solution is a PO Box...

One day last Spring, my friend and I went to another church to hear these authors speak. During the praise and worship time, a singer on stage literally
jumped OUT of her skirt. Yes, it fell to the ground and then she jumped out of it. She ran off the stage and then came back out. We all cheered. "O Happy Day" will never be the same...

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  1. I loved the randomness of all of them, but the last one really made me laugh. I'm so glad we got to experience that one together. You're right "Oh Happy Day!" will never be the same! :)