the runnin' bug.

I've never been an athlete. I've tried, but the honest truth is that I'm not big on practicing. I've always wished, sometimes even prayed, that I could be really good at sports. But, over the past few years, I've just resolved that watching and being an avid sports fan was just as important as playing sports. And well, I'm really, really good at cheering on my favorite people and teams. :) That is... until 2010...

Back in February, my cousin ran the Austin Half Marathon. Man, did I cheer for him or what?! I take pride in cheering... but I definitely walked away from that event with a little more than I bargained for. I blogged about it, so if you need to see where my inspiration for what's to come then check it out.

At any rate, one of my goals of 2010 is to run a half marathon. This is probably the hardest goal I've EVER set for myself. Why? Because I.don't.run. At one time, a doctor even told me I shouldn't. I used that as my excuse for far too long.

So, as in typical Sarah "I'm just going to dive in" fashion, I started running... on Saturday... at the Chuy's 5K. Yep, no training, no preparation, no eating right... just paid my money and set the alarm. I knew going into it I would be sore. I knew that I wouldn't be able to run all 3.2 miles. I pretty much knew that I would not want to finish. But, I knew that I would finish, despite that little voice telling me to stop... and because my friend, Casey, wouldn't let me quit until we crossed the finish line.

Needless to say, I, Sarah Decker, ran more than I walked! And FINISHED to boot! It was the first hurdle, and I cleared it! Was I pooped? yes. Did my legs feel like jello? yes. Did I devour a Krispy Kreme donut as soon as I crossed the finish line? absolutely. I wasn't in love with running after I finished, but over the past few days of much couch time and rest, I definitely have a desire to try it some more. Good thing... cause I kind of told Casey I would be her running partner...

But, oh my goodness. I am SORE. Pretty sure I may be that runner with a knee brace, ankle brace, heck, even a full body brace before too long. Shin splints?? Yep, haven't had those since high school. Not fun when one lives on the 3rd floor of an apartment. Not.fun.

So, today at lunch, I bit the bullet and I went to RunTex. They watched me walk and jog, analyzed all kinds of stuff about my knees, ankles, arches, shins... surprised they didn't ask to take my blood pressure. I showed them the shoes I was running in and he pretty much back-handed me with his eyes. "Well no wonder! These are THE worst shoes for running." Well sir, I figured as much... and that is why I came to see you!

I did a trade on the worst-shoes-ever and just bought these puppies...
Me... in hot pink running shoes. Never painted myself as a hot pink girl, nor a running girl. But, alas, the shoes have been purchased. It's time to get serious.

No pain, no gain. Tis the story of my life... but oh what an interesting and fun life it is!


  1. I'm so glad that you're going to be my running partner. And since I already have those, we're going to look awesome in our matching running shoes!

  2. It's spreading!!! If you ever want another training partner - just let me know!

  3. Jamie - it IS spreading!! Once I get better, I'll run with you :)

    Casey - I want to be just like you. That's why I insisted RunTex give me the exact hot pink shoes you have...