pulling a fast one...

Well... for some of you, I'm pulling a fast one on you! I always like to mix it up from time to time, so with much anticipation... I give you... the new, refreshed blog title and look!

When I originally named my blog "My Cup Runneth Over"... I truly meant it. I was and am overwhelmingly blessed by the love of Christ that surrounds me. But, like I posted in Apt 731, I feel like God is starting to make some big changes in my life. Some of which I know what they are, and a whole lot more that I have no clue what's to come! So... I thought a blog title change... a little refresher was appropriate.

My absolute favorite song ever is Don't Stop Believin' by Journey. I know, it's kind of cliche' now, but I have really always loved this song... you can ask my Momma! The first line of the song is, as most of you know,

"Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world. She took a midnight train going anywhere..."

Well, I am certainly not living in a lonely world. And I didn't take a train anywhere, except for the time my mom and I rode the train to Dallas when I was 7. But, by the grace of God, I am a small town girl that landed in Austin, Texas. Gosh, I love this city... it's become part of who I am. I love being able to say that I live here, I love seeing how God is changing this city, I love being apart of that change, I love the music, the culture, the laid-back-ness, the unique things you can only find, do or see in Austin. I love that there is something that is always new to try, but that it's the heart of history of this great State.

But more than any of that, I fully, with all of my heart, trust this journey that God has me on. I know it's for His glory and His purpose... and I'm just blessed to have been chosen to be apart of it. So... I guess you could say that I "don't stop believin'" in this journey called life. As far as my posts go, nothing is changing... you'll still get some Jesus, the random funny story, the "what's going on" in my life and probably a few more food postings. It's all from this small town girl perspective... living in this great big world... all the while never ceasing to believe... Hope y'all are as hyped as I am!