is it weird...

is it weird that:

one of my favorite songs, one that i can listen to on repeat {which i NEVER do}, is about cocaine?
as a sidenote, ZBB covers this song. original is by Ray LaMontagne and it is equally as fantastic. swoon.


at this very moment i want to go outside and dance in the "rain"?


i want to throw a party when this "abscess" on my underarm finally either goes away or bursts? and that i secretly want it to burst so i can see what the crizap has been crippling me with pain the past few days?
i know. TMI. at least i'm not showing you a picture :)
you're welcome.

now i want to read all of the Harry Potter books... after i've seen all 8 of the movies? and i only want the hardbacks... "paperbacks, we don't need no stinkin' paperbacks" {that's for the fleetwood family}

it's killing me that i can't come up with a 5th weird thing to complete my list of 5? therefore, this is counting as the 5th... whew... that feels better

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  1. Haha...my family is huge Potter fans. I was the only one that watched all the movies before reading the books! I wanted excitement walking into that theater. I about died watching the last one. I was pretty glad the book didn't spoil it for me :o)