new favorites.

oh good gravy. have i found the MECCA of websites. i've found a new obsession. seriously. i could spend HOURS on this website.

 pinterest. if you haven't heard of it. or haven't signed up for it. or have ignored my urging you to sign up for it. well. now you know. you should stop what you're doing and go sign up. request an invite or send me an email and i'll send you an invite.

the concept behind pinterest is an online bulletin board (or 13 bulletin boards in my case). anytime you're online and find a great shirt, or a beautiful piece of jewelry, or a DIY idea, or a paint color you'd love for your laundry room (don't hate), you pin it to your coinciding board. it's.so.dang.easy. if you have a problem with online shopping (ahem, me), it helps curb the desire to buy... because it basically bookmarks the website for you. just for kicks, here's a snapshot of my "make it a home" board...

as you can see, i get to write my commentary under each picture i pin. most of them have some sort of "LOOOOOVE" or "oh I want this" on there.

but. BUT... the best part about pinterest is that you get to follow other people, and see what they pin... and REPIN their pins. AND you get to see what other people outside of your small circle are pinning too. and repin THEIR pins. i.love.it. seriously, i can't get enough.

so. along with pinterest, there's also a website called Polyvore - http://www.polyvore.com/. This is what i used for yesterday's "what I'm wearing" post. it was really more of a test than to be talking about what i had on. at any rate, you can put your pictures from pinterest or any ol' website and make a collection or collage. i really plan on using this more for decorating ideas. coming up with mood boards or what have you. so yeah... check that one out too.

last but not least, i feel it's time to share with y'all that I'm making a change this afternoon in t-minus 20 minutes. i'm going from looking like this...

ok... let's be honest... it's more like this...

to hopefully something more along the lines of this:

minus the blonde highlights of course. i'm already pale and washed out enough. WOOHOO for hair appointment day!!

hugs and smooches.

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  1. yeah, i have just discovered pinterest. major major addicting!!