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seriously. where.did.august.go? it FLEW by before I could even blink. August was a BIG month for this girl... one thing in particular that came into fruition, that is in the works, yet established at the same time. something that I'm totally teasing you to keep reading my blog to find out more about... in a few weeks. :) tease!

so, while you're {maybe} guessing what in the world I could "announce", I'll leave you with what my August was filled with...

LOTS of work. Starting, tying up and completing projects. Exciting stuff to say the least, but nothing that anyone in blog world would really want, or care, to know about... so I'll spare you.

a few FUN work things though... our CEO asked the VP team to join him for a day on the lake. Just a day to chill and hang out with each other... it was fab... and much needed.

a trip to San Angelo for a clay shoot. we took our cooker to cook for the bankers. we had not one, but two, flat tires on the cooker. and when i say cooker, picture a massive smoker for bbq, as well as burners for cooking big pots of beans and potatoes. after a 6 hour trip that should've taken 3 hours... we got to work, cooked, served and got on the road as soon as possible. it was a long day, but LOTS of quotable moments that won't make sense to anyone that doesn't know my co-workers :)

a trip to Kansas City for board meetings. it was so fun to see this city through the eyes of those that live there. we visited Grand Central Station there in KC... it is BEAUTIFUL.

a double quincenera. yes. you read correctly. Becca turned 30. and it was her DREAM to have a double quincenera... so we did. it.was.phenomenal. i hosted it at my house... which led me to do LOTS of small updates to the house. I definitely marked a few of my to-do things off the list... but more on that later. at any rate, we had a blast. it was complete with giving Bex an iPad for her birthday... a flash mob... a photo booth... toasts... and just all around fellowship with friends! 

Lindsay - me - Olivia
partaking in the photo booth awesomeness

Bex with the official Birthday mascot - a one-legged Ken

n.y.c. oh yes. mom, Deb, Kitty and I all took a mother-daughter/girls trip to NYC! we had a BLAST... the MET, lunch at the Boathouse, 5 Napkin Burger, incredible dinners, Top of the Rock, Sister Act, Central Park, Harlem, Columbia, St. John of the Divine, Grant's Tomb, Hell's Kitchen, Ellis Island, Battery Park... we packed in our time while there!

view of Central Park

Mom was SO HYPED to see the Hello Deli... aka a Letterman Landmark

Decker ladies with Lady Liberty herself

view of Manhattan from Ellis Island

freedom is goodness.

the sistas!
me - mom - Deb - Kitty

inside Ellis Island. it is beautiful

Freedom Tower. at the World Trade Center site

flag at Ellis Island

exterior of Ellis Island... I was getting all kinds of inspired

the.best.burger.ever. 5 Napkin Burger. If you're in NYC... go. don't ask questions.

Columbia University

St. John of the Divine Cathedral in Harlem

Mom's Birthday cake :)

making our Dad's proud...

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