coming soon... part one.

Indeed... big things are coming soon. So many things are up in the air in my life, but I think that writing a blog to inform everyone I haven't spoken with is the best bet!
So... what's next? About a month ago, I came to the realization that no matter what position I would end up taking, I would most likely not make the money I used to make. The salary that afforded me to purchase my first home. I decided that I would need to rent the house. My sweet friend, and former roommate, Linda, once again opened her home up to me as a place to live. I could have my old digs back, Layla could go with me and I would be able to save a considerable amount of money. So I had decided that would be my next step. UNTIL... I spoke with a few close family friends, and prayed a whole lot, and figured out that it would be best for me to just sell the house altogether. 

Why sell the house versus rent the house?

I was so blessed to buy my home almost 2 years ago in a buyers market. I was able to get an excellent price for the location and size of my house. After purchasing, I updated a large part of the house... and then over the last year, I've updated the front and back yards. Now, Austin is currently in the swing of a sellers market. After discussing my options with my friend, Tyler O'Brien, who also happens to be the best realtor in Austin (there's a plug for you, Tyler!), I realized that I was in the best situation possible. The selling of my home will not only allow someone else to love this house, to grow here, but it will also allow me to move forward in my own life. After much consideration and prayer, I found that selling is the best solution for me.

The photographer comes on Thursday to take pictures... which I will post on here, as lots of people want to see pictures of the house! And, Tyler said he should have the house on the Austin MLS on Friday night! Today, he came by to put up this in my yard...

So here it goes. I'm selling my house. Officially. While I'm not sad or scared yet, that could easily change...

For the rest of the change in my life... that is in the works... so you'll have to stay tuned!


  1. Were you able to sell your house already, Sarah? I hope you were able to make a good sale at this point. Whatever your reason for selling your house that you owned for two years, I believe that you can still find a new home where you can live comfortably with your family or on your own.

  2. At some point of our lives, we will need to sacrifice some things to move on with our lives. :) Your house looks like a happy home to live in; it must be the colors that were used to paint it. I hope you’d take us further inside your home in your next post :) By the way, I commend you Sarah for that decision. I wish you well in your life!

    Darren Lanphere