Giving of the Thanks...

Thanksgiving in Austin was definitely a little more quiet than in Henderson... but with me needing to work around Thanksgiving, the parents were awesome and decided to come to me! We had a low-key, but really good time. We cooked and feasted just like we were in Henderson. We for sure missed the rest of the family, but I think it will make Christmas even more special!

Now for random story time: My mom refuses to eat any big Holiday dinner with paper anything. No paper plates and paper napkins are absolutely out of the question. My aunt and I always laugh at her and say "it's just US... real napkins don't matter!" But, mom still refuses. So, to my mother's horror, I had no real napkins to eat our meal with. I also didn't have any place mats. I mean... that stuff is for married people, and I guess I'm still just holding out for that awesome thing called a wedding gift registry. At any rate, I called my aunt to tell her, so we could laugh via phone together. We were getting in our jokes, and then we made the mistake of telling her that Wal-Mart is open on Thanksgiving day. Oops... you guessed it, Mom and I get in the car to go buy some napkins AND placemats. I do admit that it makes the meal feel more like home... so thanks mom, for the napkins and placemats... I'll pull them out next time I'm entertaining. :)
Mom - making some gooood fruit salad!

Dad - proudly displaying the Greenberg turkey

Layla - eating... as always...

Maggie girl - just kickin' it...

The Spread

The happy and stuffed fam!

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