It's CHRIMAH time!!!

**If I need to explain the title of my blog, please just call me or ask any of my family or best friends or previous co-workers. They all know the story and I can pretty much say it's caught on like wildfire! Haha...**

I absolutely LOVE Christmas. Love it. Over the past few years, I've grown to just love Christmas more and more. I love the significance of truly celebrating the birth of Christ... of the precious and most awesome gift that we could ever, EVER receive! From this, it stems a love for giving, for just being with the people I love and this awesome hope and joy that surrounds me.

So with that... I give you three " Chrimah top 5" lists! ps - I love lists... but can only do lists in increments of 5... I know, random.

Top 5 Favorite Things to Do at Chrimah Time

5 - Eating the Hershey's Kisses out of this dish that my mom ALWAYS has out at Chrimah
4 - Decorating the house, the Church, the office with all of the pretty decos!
3 - Looking at all of the awesome Chrimah decos in Austin - Congress Ave, Trail of Lights, Zilker Tree... and this year... I'm finally going to do 34 1/2 street or whatever street that is!
2 - Church... I love love love going to Church during Christmas... especially on Christmas Eve!
1 - Honking! Me and my little girls (who aren't so little anymore!!) in Henderson like to rate Chrimah lights with honks... 5 being the "most incredible light display" we could find all season (we only give out one 5 a year), 1 being "thanks for playing, but try again next year" and the left-handed-salute to those houses that are really classy and need some kind of shout out! So much fun... we literally pick one night when I am home and go "honking". :)

Top 5 Favorite Christmas Hymns/Carols
5 - Go Tell It On the Mountain
4 - Hallelujah Chorus
3 - Silent Night
2 - O' Come All Ye Faithful
1 - O' Holy Night
(this song even goes on my top 5 favorite songs ever.)

Top 5 Christmas Songs
listed from #1 to #5
And just for kicks... I added in the most precious song I've heard on the radio yet this Christmas... It's by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir -- Happy Birthday Jesus.

Merry Christmas to you all!!!

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