Chrimah in Hen'erson

Where does one begin? I had such an eventful Christmas 2008! It's always so exciting for me to go home for Christmas and just be with family and friends. Once I got home, I realized that we do things "uniquely" in Henderson... we literally make up our own fun. So, I tried to document and I'll try even harder to explain our thought process... I guess :)

Saturday, Dec. 20th - Arrive home and immediately turn around to go to Katheryn's 13th Birthday Party! This was Kat's first co-ed bday party... so you KNOW I had to go out there and keep my eyes on those crazy kids. One of my great friends from high school, Brooke Spell Butler, made Kat's cake and it was not only super cute, but tasty too! Jean, Fran and I ended up wearing peices of the cake... as you will see in a bit! So, the highlight of the party was Kat's friend, Logan, fell into the lake at the cabin. His version of the story is hilarious, so I'll do my best to make him pround... " It's pitch-black-dark and I was running down the hill. I saw that the ground was about to change colors, so I knew I needed to jump. So, I did... and in mid-air, the motion light comes on and I realized it was water I was jumping into. At that point, I just though 'oh crap, well... here it goes!' Needless to say, I did not know it was a lake at the time." Now that last line got me rolling!

Sunday, Dec. 21st - Annual Fleetwood Family Chrimah Party
Many of you know who the Fleetwoods are... but for those that don't, it's basically a big group of friends that live life together. The Fleetwoods are always coming up with fun things to do. A few years ago, Jim K. decided he wanted to build a treehouse. And we aren't just talking a little platform... like a legit treehouse. So, Jim, his wife Deb, my mom and dad all went out to their land to pic out a tree. They found the perfect tree... and so the dream began to come alive. Right before construction was to begin, Jim's brother's new house frame was blown over due to a tornado. They couldn't reuse the wood for the house, so Jim and my dad scooped it up and thus FREE lumber for the treehouse! They have all had so much fun building it... dangling off the tree and strategizing draw-bridge staircases, pulleys and *eventually* a zip-line to go to the near tree! They decided to start off our Chrimah party out at the treehouse to watch the sunset and then move it to my house for tamales and Dad's famous chili!

Me and my girls (Kat, Amelia and Eveline) went on our annual "Honkin'" trip. We basically rate the Christmas lights on houses around Henderson. The lowest rating is a left-handed salute (that's saying "thanks for playing") to the ultimate which is 5 honks. We only give out one "5 Honker" a year. We have criteria that all houses have to meet in order to receive any honks. This year, Evi decided to roll down her window and yell at the houses that were 4s... telling them what they need to do for next year to get a 5. Also, we added a new set of criteria... if you have baby Jesus in your yard, you automatically get an upgrade in your rating! Unless you are a 4... because we have to be serious about who gets our 5!! I didn't get a pic of the 5 honker this year... but it was unbelievable! They played music and all... we sat in front of the house just checking it out for a good 10 minutes. :) We've already come up with new things to do for next year!

The days leading up to Christmas were fast and furious! Taylor flew home from St. Louis, so it was fun to get to spend time with him. Blair was home too... and I always love getting to hang out with him! I got some good quality time with all of the family... and even some friends too!

Ok... I'm tired of writing... but here's a little scrapbook of my week! I hope all of you had very Merry Christmases and have nothing but hope for you and yours in 2009!

grace & peace,

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  1. cute. i love the scrapbook. merry christmas friend...hope you are well.