in preparation...

I'm seeking God to prepare my heart for Easter. I realized the other night at the Stone Prayer Service that I just wish I was there when Jesus was on the Cross. Don't get me wrong, I feel it... but I just don't FEEL it the way I want. In the sense of the same way my heart feels when I think about Bonfire falling, 9/11, the loss of a loved one. I was there, I experienced them... and I just wish I could have experienced the Cross. To stand there, below my King and just visually see Him dying for me. Since Tuesday night, I've been trying to visualize that. Not to torment myself, but to just be thankful and grateful for someone loving me THAT much.

Over the last month or so, I hear this song "I Will Rise" by Chris Tomlin and I am moved to tears. "Worthy is the Lamb..." It speaks to me in so many ways... the most obvious is that excitement of being with the Angels singing at the top of my lungs! But, also, that even though I wasn't there on that day of the Cross, He loves me without fail... and I live this life for Him... because He alone has saved me.

Hope you enjoy this song and it spurs you into thankfulness and gratitude!

Happy Easter :)

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  1. thanks for sharing. i completely know the feeling and i have been praying the same thing all week. it's great that we have easter to help us remember...i wish it was on my mind like that every single day!