I don't know if maybe God is trying to show/tell me something, like to chill out... or maybe He is just showing me how special I am... but I have been taking note, as of late, of all of the OCD'ness I have. It's truly amazing. To share a few...

  • If given the option, I will always go to the 2nd bathroom stall. I don't know why... but I guess deep down inside I think that it's the less-used one. But, it never fails, I just head straight for that stall, no matter what bathroom.
  • I physically can't handle dirty kitchen sinks. I gag... and the thought alone makes me gag. No names being mentioned, but growing up, I used to spend a lot of time at a certain house and I would purposefully stay out of their kitchen because it was inevitable that they had a dirty kitchen sink. Looking back, I can't believe there was actually something that would keep me from food... (ok, Henderson folk... I'll never reveal who's kitchen it was!)
  • Of all of the appliances in a kitchen, the one that has to be clean at all times is the microwave. My family had a friend that owned a BBQ restaurant when I was little... and, no lie, I would down my BBQ as fast as possible so I could go back in the kitchen and clean the microwave. Yes, I was an odd little duckling.
  • Lists in increments of 5. I don't care if I have 3 good points, I will come up with 2 more just so it will be a list of 5. If I have 11 things to say, I'll take away one or add another 4 for good measure.
  • Whilst driving in my car, the temperature has to be set on an even number. I know, I know... you'd think I would have to have it on a 0 or 5, because of the previous bullet point, but alas... it remains a mystery.
Ok, that's enough for now. I definitely have more, but not enough to make a list of 10! :)


  1. funny. i realized today that if i go to the same public bathroom several times in one day...i have to go into the same stall every time. oh, we are so strange.

  2. just know that your ocd-ness has company! i have MANY of the same quirks...and i'll admit, sometimes my own ocd-ness wears me out! i'm glad to have the company in the club.

  3. 2 things:

    1) I've read that the 2nd stall is the most popular and given a choice, most people choose that one. sorry!

    2) ummm...I, too, like to have the temp set on an even number. Scary.

  4. Lindsay... all I know is that your number 1 is not valid a the IBAT office. I would go into further discussion, but that would gross Molly Peck out... and I choose not to do that as much as possible.

    We should ride in a car together sometime...