funny AND pretty zombies

Well, it's Friday... and I haven't posted all week long. I know... the horror :)

First and foremost, I must have the disclaimer that my roommate and I were up until 2:45am this morning. We are absolutely delusional. But, I feel the need to share our conversation via Gchat today...

Linda: i told her we'd be zombies if we came to dallas tonight
me: funny zombies
Linda: ....and pretty! pretty zombies.
me: true true
Linda: and so begins what i know will be a hilarious day of random comments
me: if i were a pretty zombie, i would have long beautiful hair, that blows in the night wind
Linda: and that beautiful hair would be intertwined with long flowing starnds of toilet paper
haha starnds
ummm or strands
me: can it be quilted?
Linda: most def!
me: super soft to the touch?
maybe with pretty colors on there too
cause i'll need it to match my zombie dress
Linda: ahhh if only i had the quotebook in my hands right now
dang- you're one fancy zombie
i'll just go with muted dull colors myself
me: i mean... if you're going to be able to make up your own zombie character, you may as well think outside of the box... be the zombie everyone else would want to be.
Linda: ooo good point. good point. and can i have my own twilightish vampire/zombie hybrid boyfriend? that would be nice
brandi & i were def. discussing twilight earlier- and our era's version- my so called life
me: i just laughed out loud.
like really loud
you can have a zombie hybrid bf...
and I'm pretty sure it'd be okay if he bit you whilst making out... i mean you're already a zombie... how much worse off can a girl get?
Linda: oh my goodness- you are cracking me up- i will now be copying & pasting this convo so as to record in the quotebook
me: don't worry i just sent this whole thing to julie
Linda: but back to zombies, yep, i'd be okay if he bit me
me: of course you would... nothing to lose
Linda: but i would not be okay with him telling me "hold on spider monkey" not cool.
but i would be okay with the flying
me: well I would be okay if he danced like MJ in the Thriller video
in fact, when me and my zombie bf get married, that's going to be our first dance... Thrriilllllller
Linda: ooo i'm thinking mj zombie moves combined with jt sexy moves!
a girl zombie can dream!
Linda: i'll tell you what i wouldn't like- him looking he's gonna barf when i walk into science lab...errr...the room. talk about being self-conscious!
me: i just snorted.
Linda: ok i may be taking this twilight/zombie deal a bit too far
me: I would not be cool with that either
spider monkey
Linda: no soy spider monkey. soy zombie!
me: I think I have my next blog content.
Linda: HAHAHA gotta love the random convos that start as a result of a single word: zombie :)
me: indeed indeed... the.end.
it will be posted on my blog in about 10 minutes

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  1. Look at you! Making up fake chats between us. What's this so-called Twilight thing about? :) You're funny...and pretty...zombie.