the year in review.

Friends. 2010 is quickly taking it's bow. Final curtain call. Wow. What an incredible, crazy, awesome, scary year. Here's my year in review:

10 - (or more) orders I've placed on Amazon.com in 2010. I think I have a problem.
9 - number of days I got to spend with my family for Christmas this year
8 - number of mornings I actually got up and made it to Boot Camp. In August. Thanks humidity... you're for the birds.
7 - number of times I cried when my 14-year old, Maggie, died.
6 - the AM hour I was standing on South Congress with my Aunt and Uncle to cheer my cousin, Blair, in his first half marathon!
5 - number of goals I set here and actually kept.
4 - total number of times I dealt with moving boxes this year.
3 - number of trips I went on this year! New York to celebrate ringing in 2010 with some of my best friends. St. Lucia with family and friends to play and witness my cousin getting married! Denver on a much needed girls trip with my best friend!
2 - number of Bucket List items I've crossed off this year :: concert at Red Rocks and seeing the Eagles play live.
1 - undeserved, humble, blessed, convicted, amazed servant of God that can't wait to grow more in love with Him and live out each day for His glory!

Happy 2011!

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