watch for the Light

I've found in the past few years that Christmas has gotten harder. I think it makes me feel lonelier than usual. God has placed in me a desire to have a husband and kids. He has blessed me with so much to date... and I know that He will continue to do so in the years to come. I trust that. I walk in the faith that He will give me these desires. I try my best to be patient with His plan and His timing.

But, I've noticed that the Christmas season brings about a loneliness that I don't like. To be blunt, I want to kick it in the butt. I know that I, Sarah Decker, have zero control over my future... but I do know that the BEST thing I can do to fight the loneliness is to pray. Pray for the Spirit to fill me up with the REAL reason for Christmas. For the Spirit to prepare my heart for a real and TRUE celebration of life. I will pray for my heart and my mind to be focused on more than decorating or buying presents.

I'm also going to pray and try to center my heart around the coming of Jesus. Advent... a time of waiting... the great anticipation. So, I bought this book last year, and I never read through it... but am going to make a point to do so this year!

Prayer and advent. Hopefully those two things will stomp out any unwanted loneliness this season!

Merry Christmas!! LOVE that I can say that now :)


  1. couldn't agree more. love you!

    1. God sets the lonely in families. -Psalm 68:6 :)