Bring it on... line...

I would like to publicly thank my roommate, Linda, for being the ultimate online shopper and getting me hooked. I'm a fan of mail, I'm a fan of convenience and I'm certainly a fan of free shipping and returns. Bring it on... line.

I love books. And, I own quite a few books I have yet to have read. However, this does not stop me from going onto Amazon and making a few wish lists. It also doesn't stop me from deciding to go ahead and just purchase my entire wish list in one, fell swoop. This just creates more books that I need to read... and a little hefty transaction from Amazon. Awesome.

I just couldn't resist these Amazon purchases. Linda found these last Fall, and seeing as how we will probably only be living together until we are 65 or so, I decided that when the time came that we would have to part ways as roommates, I would need my own copies. What can I say, I'm a planner. These are either already on their way to my doorstep or pre-ordered and will be a "surprise! I forgot I ordered this!" package in the Fall. I heart "surprise! I forgot I ordered this" packages! So, with that, I introduce you to the most adorable collection of classic novels ever. EVER.

Emma. Jane Eyre. Pride and Prejudice. The Hound of the Baskervilles. Wuthering Heights. Sense and Sensibility. Little Women.


There are many more... a few Dickens novels, Shakespeare collections, among others. But, I only got the ones that I have read and loved or hope to read and know I will love! Now, I will hopefully never ever think again, "What book should I read?" Oh... and don't worry that I also ordered two others that I'm really excited about...

So, I guess I pretty much shouldn't be watching any TV or having any kind of social life for the next 6 months... yeah right...

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  1. LOOOOVE these. I've seen them but can't remember how to find them. Do you have a link to point me in the right direction?? Email me por favor! :)