the pits.

It's no secret... I'm a HUGE fan of Groupon and Living Social coupons. I cashed in on one of my most exciting coupons yesterday...  

the laser hair removal coupon 

Ahh yes... not ever having to shave my arm pits again? Yes.Please. 3 treatments and those bad boys are exempt from any further hair growth. Done and done. I'm not a hairy person, but if I can save me one thing I have to do a day, I'll take it.

At any rate, I go to the spa place and was met by the most ADORABLE Egyptian lady I've ever seen. She was hilarious and awesome. Not to mention, she thought I was 18... which made me love her more. She immediately made me touch her legs so I could feel what it would feel like and she lifted up her arms and said that she hasn't had to shave in 14 years. My response to her, "Sold.

She took all of 5 minutes to zap at my pits, apparently at a "high voltage" (no, I didn't ask... didn't even want to go there...) When I say zap, I mean mini shocks... when I say mini shocks, I mean "it wasn't the most comfortable feeling in the world". It started smelling like something was burning and realized that it was, in fact, me. Yes, the burning match smell was coming from my skin... or hair... or follicles... yes, a little alarming and awkward all rolled into one. I definitely glanced over to see if there were flames coming from the pits, and to my relief I didn't need to stop-drop-and-roll. Once I was done, I was scheduled to come back in 3 weeks... which by that time I was told, "You will be in love with me, because the hair will not be growing as much or often... it will start falling out... and you will love me." My response: "I have no doubt that I will love you if you make my arm pits as smooth as a baby's butt." I thanked her for thinking I was 18 and shocking me with the ultra voltage and told her to do the same for the next 2 times so I don't have to pay her any more money. She smiled... but I'm gonna make sure she knows I'm serious next time!

So friends, I'm the guinea pig. I'll keep you posted on the pits. And if it works, I may be investing in a lot of treatments in the future. Would that be weird to ask my family for laser hair removal for Christmas?? I'm not above it...


  1. I'M SO JEALOUS! I've been contemplating this for a year now. You have to let me know how it goes. And where did you go? I totally missed that groupon...dang! Let me know! :)

  2. T-Rog... Do it. I can already tell a difference after 2 days!! I went to 3 Graces Spa on 2222 and MoPac. But, I know that there are a ton of other just as great places here. I might just be addicted...