That is the name of this little guy.

Why is he named No-10? Because of this...

My family has a very short history of naming our furniture. Well, my dad and I name our cars... but we have one piece of furniture in our house that has a name. It's a dresser, and his name is Fred. Why Fred? Because when Dad was sanding it down after we bought it, he found that somebody (let's face it, it was a kid) had carved his name into the dressed. When Dad stained it, FRED was loud and clear. So, it's never been a "go look in the dresser" conversation for the Deckers... it's a "go look in Fred". 

So, when I decided to do a little re-vamping to my bedside table, you can only imagine my excitement when I found out he, too, had a name. Errr number... whatever. Without further ado, here is the process of giving No-10 a little love...

The new room is close to being complete... as soon as it is, you'll be seeing how No-10, green edition, is fitting in perfectly!


  1. No-1. oohhh how i love green. hello, i had green bridesmaids dresses...lol.
    No-2. Oooohhhh how i love furniture make-overs.
    No-3. Oooooohhhhhhh how i NEED to see pictures of the new house. Pretty please?!!!