Tacos al Pastor and Mexican Coke. Those are the only words you need to know when you go to this restaurant. Trust.me.

Takoba is a new place that just opened up the first week of July in East Austin. It's on East 7th street. They have their own, huge parking lot... a rare find in Austin, Texas! It's labeled as interior mexican food, but if you are scared of that label, don't be scared of Takoba. In the words of my little friend, Hailey Bloss, this food is "SOOOOOO GOOD." Seriously, Linda and I have gone there 3 weeks in a row... yes, they've only been open for 3 weeks. I think we're about to make some really good friends with the wait staff!

So yes. Takoba. You should check it out. I don't think you will leave disappointed!

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